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Free rewrite AI tool will help you change or rewrite text quickly and easily without registration or login. Try it now!


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  • Fast and free AI paraphrase of your text
  • Save and download result in txt
  • Paraphrasing the text while preserving its meaning

How to paraphrase text using AI

  • Type the source text to the text area “Source Text“ or copy the text and paste it to the text field
  • Click the “Paraphrase“ button. Wait until the paraphrase process is completed
  • Take the resulting text from the text area: select its content or push the “Copy to Clipboard“ button
  • You can also save the paraphrased text as a file. Click the “Save to File“ button


Is there a character limit?

Yes, you can paraphrase text up to 10,000 characters at a time.

In what format is paraphrased text saved?

By clicking on the “Save to File“ button, you will save the text in txt format.

What supports languages AI Paraphrasing tool?

The AI paraphrasing tool supports any language.

How long does it take to paraphrase text?

Paraphrasing depends on the number of characters in the text.

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